What are the Best Comic Books of all time?

Comic books sell because of the plotline, the characters involved in the story, the drawing, abilities that each mutant have, and the personality that the protagonists and antagonists portray. People who buy comics based their purchase on these factors and of course, their own taste. But overall, we see many comic book fans flock to the stores because of the anticipation of the release of some comic books more than others.

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X-Men comics

Jim Lee is the one that you need to thank for such a masterpiece. The X-Men is composed of characters with superhuman powers. Both the protagonists and the antagonists have different unique abilities. This is what makes the comics great in its time. The fans of the comic book anticipate the revelation of new comic book characters with special abilities that were not shown yet in previous books.

Because of the popularity of this comic book, it has spawned into animated television shows, action figures, and later, the live-action adaptation based on the original characters in the books.


He is the symbol of the most perfect hero that America needed. On the time when wars occurred across the world, America wanted a character that will give hope to humanity. The creators of the comic book did not have luck at first when he was looking for a publisher of the comic book. He even went to Marvel but was rejected. National Allied Publications, on the other hand, had high hopes for the character. Superman #1 was published and put on the comic book shelves in 1939. He is known to be one of the best superhero characters of all time. Discussions have always existed whether Superman is the strongest character in any comic book.


The friendly neighborhood makes our list of the top comic books of all time. Having sold more than 2 million copies, it is indeed one of the bestselling product from Marvel. The first published comic book was in 1962. Ever since then, his likable personality and his near realistic persona have gained popularity among comic book fans.